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Desktop Goose is a unique and entertaining software that brings a mischievous virtual pet to your desktop. Developed by Samperson, this program introduces a pixelated yellow and white goose that will constantly pester and disrupt your computer activities.

Upon installation, the goose will immediately start following your cursor, leaving muddy footprints all over your screen. At first, it may seem cute and harmless, but its behavior quickly spirals out of control. The goose will chase your cursor, displace windows, and even launch unexpected applications like Notepad.

While Desktop Goose is not a virus, it has the ability to disrupt any operation on your computer. It can drag messages onto your screen, causing distractions while you're playing games or working on important tasks. The most frustrating move of the goose is when it possesses your mouse, making it impossible to control your cursor and causing your character to move uncontrollably.

It's important to note that some operating systems may initially recognize Desktop Goose as a potentially harmful file. However, if you choose to install it, the program will start up automatically and continue to annoy and charm you with its antics.

Desktop Goose is reminiscent of virtual desktop pets like Shimeji-ee, but with a mischievous twist. It's a program best suited for home PCs, as it may interfere with vital or time-sensitive tasks. If you're looking for a lighthearted prank or a nostalgic virtual pet experience, Desktop Goose is the perfect choice.

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